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Sound Design

Audio/Video Editing

Sync Licensing

Sonic Branding

Dialogue / Voice Over

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Projects I've Worked On

Game Composition

Using strings, synths, and a melodic touch, the original soundtrack is an intense listening experience. The original soundtrack features 11 tracks focused on the intensity of the game play and unique lore of Project Genesis.

Project Genesis on Steam

Trailer Reel

This is an album of music made specifically for game or film trailers. A number of these tracks have been licensed for use in media projects.

Sync Licensing

Licensed music used in the club scenes in the movie. The music was composed, recorded, and edited to fit into the scenes specifically.

View The Movie Here

Voice Over/Video Editing

This is an example of both my voice over work and my video editing work. This was used a marketing tool to update the community with new game features.